Welcome to Lisaan Masry, the largest and most comprehensive set of learning resources for Egyptian Arabic

You can use the dictionary online, as an app on your phone or computer, or in PDF and Kindle formats, so it is available whenever and wherever you need it.

In addition to the dictionary, there is also a thesaurus, example sentences, an introduction to Egyptian Arabic grammar, and tools to help you learn vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and read and write arabic.

Check out the table below for the features available on each format, then either go to the download page or use links on the left to get more information.

Online Android Windows OS/X Linux Kindle PDF
Word Search
Write arabic

The word search facility of the dictionary makes it easy to find a word, either in English or in Egyptian Arabic, even if you are not sure how to spell it exactly. It is equally easy to use for Egyptians and Europeans, and is suitable for occasional use or for serious students.

Egyptian words are written both in arabic script with tashkyl (short vowels) and in european writing, and there are recordings of somebody saying the main forms of each word, and all of the example sentences.


16/02/2024 Android app is back

In August 2023, Google withdrew the Android app from Play store because it was built using a very old version of Android. I have now rebuilt it using the latest version: you can download it from the Play store.

Note that the new version is not permitted to access the files created by the old version, because they is in an area that is now reserved for video and audio. If you have ever used the old version on your device and you update to the new version, you can use file manager to delete any folders called lisaan masry.

30/10/2022 iPhone/iPad app unavailable

Apple has made changes to iOS which make the Lisaan Masry app unusable on iPhones. In addition, they no longer support iOS development on my ten-year-old Mac, so I can't fix the problem. I am looking for some way to rent a Mac, but until then the Lisaan Masry iPhone/iPad app is unavailable. Users who already have the app can continue using it (though if you upgrade iOS it may stop working), and new users can use the Lisaan Masry web site.

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